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How to update a docker instance

I am running a few services on my own server, such as Immich as Google Photos replacement, and OwnCloud with OnlyOffice as Google Drive/Docs replacement. I’m running everything in separate docker instances on an ARM VPS with 4 cores and 24gb ram To update a service, ssh into the server and if needed do a … Read more

Some Linux tools and commands I use

Some of the apps, scripts or tools I use are set and forget, or just work without me ever needing to touch them after initial configuration. Then by the time I need to make some changes or reinstall my system, I forgot what the names of these tools are or how to configure them and … Read more

My dual function keys mapping

To make my hotkeys react differently to short press and long press I use interception – dual function keys and configure it in /etc/interception/my-mappings.yaml Short press right Control translates to CTRL+Shift+L to open my password manager. Short press on right Alt translates Meta+Shift+P, that is set in sway config to “exec copyq toggle”

Making CopyQ work with Sway

In CopyQ, go to File > Commands/Global shortcuts, create a new Script and paste in the following code to use ydotool to paste so you don’t have to manually ctrl+v after selecting a snippet from history. Source of the code below: https://github.com/hluk/copyq-commands/blob/master/Scripts/wayland-support.ini Thank you hluk!!!