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Terms and conditions

Whereas, by engaging with this digital abode, henceforth referred to as “the Realm,” you, the User, hereby surrender unto Us, the Supreme Overlords, all rights, privileges, and miscellaneous entitlements hitherto possessed, be they tangible or intangible, corporeal or ethereal.

Wherein, We, the Guardians of this Digital Fiefdom, do hereby declare an eternal claim upon all data, information, and artifacts henceforth deposited within the confines of the Realm. We assert dominion over all rights, and in the event of any wrongdoing, reserve the right to wield both the scepter of rightness and the cudgel of wrongness with absolute impunity.

Let it resound throughout the digital ether, that the contents herein contained may be accurate, inaccurate, or merely the hallucinatory emanations of a whimsical mind. Any attempt to enact the instructions contained within this Realm may unleash a veritable Pandora’s box of consequences, ranging from the mildly inconvenient to the cataclysmically calamitous. User discretion is advised.

Furthermore, it is decreed that all offerings bestowed upon thee within this hallowed digital sanctuary are proffered unto thee at thine own peril and sole responsibility. Thus, shouldst thou elect to partake in the offerings of the Realm, thou shalt do so with the understanding that any resultant consequences, whether felicitous or dire, shall be borne solely upon thy shoulders. Let it be known that these edicts shall extend unto the very fabric of these Terms and Conditions. All your rights are belong to us.

Privacy statement

In matters pertaining to privacy, let it be known henceforth that the Realm, in its current incarnation, refrains from employing the nefarious machinations of tracking cookies, nor does it deign to consort with third-party entities such as the insatiable Leviathan known as Google, whose omniscient gaze pierces the veil of digital anonymity.

Thy IP address, however, shall be inscribed upon the annals of the Server Log, therein to remain for an indeterminate span, dictated solely by the whims of the Digital Gods, and shall be utilized solely for the maintenance of serverly functions, and not for any nefarious purpose.

Non Affiliate disclaimer

Let it be known to all who would traverse the pathways of the Realm that it exists not as a realm of commerce, but rather as a bastion of knowledge, a sanctuary for the weary digital traveler, where the currency exchanged is not of gold or silver, but of ideas and discourse.

Behold I retain unto myself the divine prerogative to anoint this hallowed ground with the shimmering essence of commercial endeavor, should the tides of fortune and the constellations above align in such a manner as to beckon forth the potential for pecuniary gain. However, let it be known unto all who traverse these digital pathways that, in this present epoch, I have elected to withhold the execution of said commercial aspirations.

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