Oat cookies

Good with a glass of milk, or even crumbled into a bowl of milk.

How to update a docker instance

I am running a few services on my own server, such as Immich as Google Photos replacement, and OwnCloud with OnlyOffice as Google Drive/Docs replacement. I’m running everything in separate docker instances on an ARM VPS with 4 cores and 24gb ram To update a service, ssh into the server and if needed do a … Read more

Steamed buns (Bapao / Salapao)

A fluffy steamed stuffed bun, Ban pao,, Baozi, Bánh bao, Salapao, Pau/Pao, Bao, Hirata bun, Manapua, Nikuman, Cha siu bao, Siopao, Bau, Bunuelo, Pow, Bāozi (包子), Sio bak pao and many other names. Known under different names in different regions of the world, fluffy stuffed steamed buns is are versatile snack. The filling can be … Read more

What internet provider to use when staying in France for 6 months?

Fiber is available almost everywhere in France now, even pretty deep into the countryside. To check if fiber is available on your address you can go to the website Orange (or Sosh) and check availability by filling you address. The fiber providers are Orange, Sosh, Free, Red by SFR and Bouygues. At the time of … Read more

Some Linux tools and commands I use

Some of the apps, scripts or tools I use are set and forget, or just work without me ever needing to touch them after initial configuration. Then by the time I need to make some changes or reinstall my system, I forgot what the names of these tools are or how to configure them and … Read more


This is not one single recipe, but a list of different smoothies and milk shakes.

Lentil salad

A very fresh tasting salad, perfect for a summer evening.