Butternut Squash soup

I delicious creamy soup. Even without the cream or cheese, the squash is very creamy of itself. Delicious with buttered toast.

Apple cinnamon cookies

This recipe uses the chocolate chip cookies as a base, but instead of chocolate we add apple chunks, and to finish it off we roll the dough balls in a ix of cinnamon and sugar.

Chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are soft gooey cookies. The base of this recipe can be used for other types of cookies as well. For example, substitute half or all of the chocolate chips with hazelnuts, soaked raisins or apple chunks.

Friese dumkes 

Just like Ginger Snaps these are spicy almost savory cookies, but instead of ginger it’s the anise as well as ginger that gives this cookie it’s unusual taste. The cookies originally comes from the Friesland area of the Netherlands, and aren’t widely known outside of that province. Originally it’s made with hazelnut, but it works … Read more

My dual function keys mapping

To make my hotkeys react differently to short press and long press I use interception – dual function keys and configure it in /etc/interception/my-mappings.yaml Short press right Control translates to CTRL+Shift+L to open my password manager. Short press on right Alt translates Meta+Shift+P, that is set in sway config to “exec copyq toggle”

Making CopyQ work with Sway

In CopyQ, go to File > Commands/Global shortcuts, create a new Script and paste in the following code to use ydotool to paste so you don’t have to manually ctrl+v after selecting a snippet from history. Source of the code below: https://github.com/hluk/copyq-commands/blob/master/Scripts/wayland-support.ini Thank you hluk!!!